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Traditions and Culture in France

France is one of those countries where you can experience lots of amazing things, from incredibly beautiful attractions to interesting people and delicious cuisine. French traditions, as well as culture, hold a special fascination for foreigners. If you decide to visit this country or even move here, familiarizing yourself with its culture will certainly deepen your experience. For more information about this subject, take a look at the following guide to set you on your way.


France has not more and not less than 65-million people. This is actually a multiethnic country as well as multicultural. It is illegal to keep statistics on different ethnicities and that’s why an actual percentage of each group is unavailable. However, it is estimated that between 83% and 88% of the population is Catholic, between 5% and 10% Muslim, 1% Buddhist, 1% Jewish, 2% Protestant, and less than 1% Sikh. The country’s official name is ”The Republic of France” and it is headed by the President, who is elected for a 5-year time, and who is responsible for determining governmental policy. The Prime Minister is responsible with the implementation of the laws & policy, and also with coordination of the actions of the government ministers.


The vast majority of native citizens in this state speak French. This is a disadvantage because it can cause many English-speaking individuals much anxiety. Therefore, if you plan to move to France or you just want to visit it, then we strongly recommend you to learn the basics of French before actually heading over. Not only this will make your life a lot easier but it will also open a whole new world for you. A few other languages are also spoken in this state, by a small minority of the French population, such as Basque, Arabic, Breton, Flemish, and Catalan as well.

Formal Greetings

If you visit this place you will see that it is extremely polite to say ,,bonjour” or ”bonsoir” when encountering someone, even if that person is just a stranger. Keep this detail in mind and apply it as soon as you land on the French land. Also, if you want to address and get the attention of a person that you don’t know, then you must make sure you begin your conversation with ”Bonjour Madame/Monsieur”. For example, if you travel by bus and want to buy a ticket, then do not just ask for a ticket, but say ”Bonjour Monsieur…” then actually ask your question.

Informal Greetings

The double kisses is familiar to anyone vaguely familiar with this culture. This kiss is called ”la bise”, and women generally give it to both male and female friends. French men give ”la bise” to their close female friends as well as their closest male friends. In other situations, they just shake hands. If you are new in this country, then you should follow the lead of French person you are being introduced to.

Food and Drink

French cuisine and wine are being held in high esteem throughout the country and the entire world as well. Each region of France has its own specialties and styles, in most cases based on local ingredients. It is good to be informed about each region so that you know exactly what to try in case you plan a vacation there.


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