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Some of the Dordogne’s Best Places to Eat

Dordogne is without a doubt a lovely place to visit, full of amazing restaurants that suit all prices ranges. From freshly produced and wonderful cooked 10-13 euro menus to some high-class gastronomic treats, everyone will surely find a location where to enjoy a delicious meal. We will show you in the following some of our favorite gourmet restaurants for foodies looking to spend a short holiday in Dordogne.

Le Vieux Logis, Tremolat

We are sure that you will absolutely love this wonderful setting in the charming village of Tremolat. Le Vieux Logis is located in a gorgeous 16th century priory, which has actually been converted into a beautiful 4-star hotel. You will find this restaurant in an amazing and spacious room that features exposed stone walls and wooden beams. Above the seating area is an attractive balcony for anyone who wants to enjoy the lovely views. On a sunny day, you also have the option to sit in the gardens. A menu for 5 courses here costs around 85 euro, and a gourmet menu with 6 courses is 105 euros. There is one favorite menu that most clients like and that is the tapas menu, which is available from Monday to Friday, it costs 45 euro, and it includes 2 main courses, 3 starters, cheese, and 3 different desserts all in taster sizes. This restaurant has one Michelin star, and we highly recommend it in case you plan to visit Dordogne, France.

Le Grand Bleu, Sarlat

Le Grand Bleu is one of our places to eat in Dordogne. Le Grand Bleu is situated on the edge of the town centre, and even if it doesn’t have the charm of Le Vieux Logis, the food is still excellent. Maxim Lebrun is the chef from here and he has a professional team who selects local ingredients and specialties where possible in order to prepare the most healthy and delicious meals. All the dishes are beautifully presented as well. Take into account a very important detail about this restaurant, and that would be the fact that the menu changes with the season, but it can include extremely delicious delights such as Compotee de Papaye et Patate Douce, Foie Gras Cuit a la Grenade, or Granite de Vin de Noix.

L-Essential, Perigueux

Perigueux is another amazing town in the Dordogne, where you can find lots of excellent restaurants, just like L-Essential, a Michelin starred location. Eric Vidal is the chef here, and his experience adds a great value to the dishes that are prepared here. Menus include specialties of the Perigord region, with a wonderful touch given by Eric Vidal. The prices for menus start at 43 euro and go up to 80 euro for 4 courses. What we recommend you try here is the delicious ”Demi Homard Bleau Snacke a L’Huile D’Olive”. Of course, there are many other delicious meals, but this one is the specialty of the house.If you decide to visit France then we suggest you go to Dordogne. No matter what location from this region you actually choose, make sure you book a table at any of the above restaurants in order to try some delicious French dishes.

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