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Best Things To Do in Dordogne, France

This beautiful region called Dordogne, some of its immense allure to its amazing limestone geology. In the river valley you will have the chance to see stunning rocky cliffs that actually helped to defend castles, and an absolutely wonderful landscape, chiseled with mysterious caves that wait to be explored. If you find this subject quite interesting, then let’s have a look at the following best things to do in Dordogne, France.


Visit Chateaux de Castelnaud-la-Chapelle

Located where the Ceou River beautifully flows into the Dordogne, this dominant fortress dates to the 1200s. It looks simply spectacular. Chateaux de Castelnaud-la-Chapelle is recognized today as an extremely important French Historical Monument, thanks to its gatehouse. Visitors can choose a 45-minute tour in French or English and also see a large exhibit of historic weaponry used in the Hundred Years’ War. This attraction is excellent for children as well, in case you plan a family trip to Dordogne.

Don’t Miss the Chateau de Beynac Castle

Just a few minutes downstream from Castelnaud-la-Chapelle you can visit this amazingly beautiful castle, dating from the 12th century. Chateau de Beynac was built by the Barons of Beynac. By just looking at it you will understand exactly why attackers might have been put off. It is actually on a vertical limestone crag, and even these days, tourists have a hard time getting up there. In case you make it, then you will have the pleasure of a half an hour guided tour that brings the austere Romanesque keep to life. There are several apartments from the 1600s, that feature a beautifully painted ceiling that’s still intact, as well as carved woodwork. If you get to Chateau de Beynac, then keep in mind to also see the Salle des Etats where are a renaissance fireplace and adjoining oratory with amazing walls decorated with frescoes from the 1400s.

Spend a Relaxing Day at Cathedrale Saint-Front, Perigueux

This 12th-century byzantine romanesque cathedral is extremely beautiful and it certainly is a must-see attraction in this part of France. Before you actually enter it, you need to approach it from Pont des Barris, and take a look across in order to see its crowd of domes and stunning towers that almost compete with each other. The Cathedrale Saint-Front is a UNESCO site, highly appreciated by French people, and not only. There are not more and not less than five domes, under which you can see a set chandelier that have been used in the marriage of Napoleon III and Eugenie de Montijo.

Enjoy La Roque Saint-Christophe, Peyzac-le Moustier

These massive terraces located in the cliffs on the south bank of the Vezere look absolutely stunning. They stand 80 metres above ground and stretch out for around one kilometer. By visiting this place you will certainly remain with some wonderful memories, as the landscape is an unforgettable one. This attraction is something that you must see if you visit Dordogne, especially if you love spending time outdoors.All the above locations are a must for anyone who travels to Dordogne, France. Therefore, if you plan a trip here, alone or with the entire family, you must make sure you don’t miss them, in order to have a memorable vacation in this beautiful region of France.

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